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Wetlands - an integral component of our natural resources.

Limosella Consulting works closely with various specialists to form a team of dedicated professionals in the environmental field.  Although our business is based in Pretoria, Gauteng, we have worked on projects in all the provinces and as far ranging as Lesotho, Mozambique, and Kenya. Our specialty is in providing high quality, financially competitive specialist assessments with the following focus:



To determine the boundary of a functional wetland and riparian area, based on soil, vegetation, and/or terrain unit indicators in order to propose the development layout.

Wetland/Riparian Functional Assessments

To predict the functioning of a wetland/riparian area using standard accepted assessment methodologies, without the need for comprehensive and expensive empirical research.

Strategic Wetland/Riparian Audits

To determine the beneficial functions of outputs produced by wetland and riparian areas in an overview assessment in order to determine the degree to which they should be protected and/or rehabilitated in the light of regional development planning.

Biodiversity Assessments

To conduct a survey or inventory to collect information on the species present in a given a area in order to determine patterns and trends of biodiversity within the area, as well as highlight sensitive biodiversity areas that should not be disturbed by development. Therefore, areas that should be left alone or areas that can be developed with mitigation etc.

are determined.

Mitigation and Rehabilitation

To provide a comprehensive evaluation of practicable alternatives to avoid, minimise or deter the impact of the proposed development on the existing wetland/riparian areas, as well as to enhance wetland buffer functions.

Sensitivity Mapping

To predict and indicate ecologically sensitive areas and resources to inform development layouts on a regional or site specific scale. We work closely with GIS specialists in order to do so.

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Limosella Consulting specialises in providing expert guidance to clients in the environmental field in terms of wetland and riparian delineations and functional assessments.

We furthermore provide wetland management plans and guidance as to appropriate mitigation, ECO services, and input into rehabilitation plans. We regularly partner with faunal, floral and aquatic specialists to provide clients with a ‘one-stop’ solution to specialist environmental requirements. We are active in the wetland community by regular attendance to forum meetings, conferences, and research projects.

Limosella Consulting was established in 2009 by Antionette Bootsma. We focus on good client relationships based on strong communication, fair pricing structures and quality work. The company stays in touch with the industry through attendance of forum meetings, thus ensuring sound relationships with the authorities who evaluate environmental applications. Thus far, Limosella Consulting has been involved in small residential developments, larger projects for mines, strategic level assessments for power lines and municipality development planning, and general rehabilitation and mitigation reports. Antoinette has also been an Environmental Control Officer (ECO) for rehabilitation projects.




Limosella Consulting works closely with various specialists to form a team of dedicated professionals in the environmental field. The team regularly partners with rehabilitation experts, language editors, and faunal specialists.

Limosella Consulting provides clear, yet detailed reports that allow clients to understand the aim of their developments. Our mission is to find solutions which will ensure that the environment and developers may co-exist in a sustainable way. We take on projects and clients that we trust and we enjoy working with clients who are responsible and environmentally conscious. We strive to keep up-to-date with the latest scientific understanding of wetland processes.

Limosella Consulting's vision is to protect the environment while providing our clients with solutions that benefit both the environment and the people who live in it. We believe in sharing information, and educating our clients and stakeholders to ensure that everyone is able to go about their business in a way that does not deplete our natural resources. Being a small, intimate business, we will always strive to provide high quality work of utmost integrity.

Antoinette Bootsma

Antoinette Bootsma


Antoinette completed a BSc Hons degree in Botany at the University of Pretoria and is currently working on a research based MSc at the University of South Africa. She is an active member of the Gauteng Wetland Forum through her input into the presentation of the Basic Wetland course. Antoinette is also a member of the Wetland Practitioners Professional Society. Antoinette is a full member of the Council for Scientific Professionals SACNASP # 100029-08. She acts as mentor and external reviewer to specialists in the field.

Antoinette Eyssell-Knox

Antoinette Eyssell-Knox


Antoinette Eyssell-Knox has a M.Sc. in Environmental Science, and specialises in vegetation assessments and red data scans.

She has attended several courses, including: Tools for Wetland Assessment; Wetlands Soils; ISO 14000 (Advanced EMS Auditors Course); Introduction into Forestry Stewardship Council; Mentorship Training; S.E.E.D Permaculture training; Project Management ; Grass and plant identification; Tsoga (course in speaking Sepedi); and has a Certificate in Seed Science. She is a member of SACNASP and is involved in our project management, vegetation assessments and report writing.

Vee Monique Cowie

Aviva (Vee) Monique Cowie


Vee Cowie specialises in, but is not limited to the provision of geographical information servies to the environmental sector.

She has 14 years experience in conservation and environmental issues within the fields of research, environmental education and tourism.  Aviva is currently awaiting the accreditation of PLATO approved assessors in order to qualify for PLATO registration.

Lorainmari den Boogert

Lorainmari den Boogert


Lorainmari den Boogert is an aquatic specialist and ecologist with an MSC degree. She is a member of SACNASP and undertakes aquatic specialist assessments for the company. She is also a registered SASS5 practitioner with the Department of Water Affairs. She has attended course in rapid method for water quality assessment, EIA water use authorisation and waste management activity licences, and in tools for wetland assessment.

Rudi Bezuidenhoudt

Rudi Bezuidenhoudt


Rudi Bezuidenhoudt is a wetland specialist with a B.Sc. degree and a certificate in Natural Science. He has completed an introductory wetland courses, presented by the Gauteng Wetland Forum (2010). He has a pending SACNASP membership and is the technical assistant and ECO in the company. Rudi Bezuidenhoudt has also attended the following short courses: Wetland Rehabilitation Principles, (University of the Free State, 2012); Tools for Wetland Assessment (Rhodes University, 2011); Understanding Environmental Impact Assessment (WESSA, 2011); and SASS 5 (Groundtruth, 2012). Rudi is currently studying towards his B.Sc. (Honours) Botany at the University of South Africa.

Projects | Some of the work we have done.

Project: Zola Park ECO (ECO on High profile rehabilitation project)


Description:  To provide a baseline wetland assessment during the first phase of an ECO on a high profile rehabilitation project of Zola Park. This included a detailed wetland delineation, highlighted current impacts and described wetland integrity.


Appointed as Specialist ECO during a second phase. To provide input into the rehabilitation plan, including monthly assessments to ascertain compliance to the Environmental Management Plan, and suggestions as to special attention needed.


An article regarding this project was featured in Landscape SA (March/April 2013, No. 52)

Project: Midrand Powerline Rebuilds (Strategic assessment of regional wetlands and rivers to inform 14 powerline alignments including a general rehabilitation and monitoring plan)


Description: To undertake riparian and functional assessments along the route alignments of poweline sections to be upgraded and constructed in and around Midrand, Gauteng. Implications of the development to the wetlands were also investigated and rehabilitation and mitigation discussed.

Project: Alexandra Pedestrian Bridge (Fine scale wetland/riparian delineation and functional assessment and general rehabilitation plan)


Description: A wetland assessment in order to determine the presence or absence of wetland and/riparian conditions on the study site and assess accordingly; delineate the extent of these conditions, if present; recommend suitable buffer zones; undertake the functional assessment of wetland and/or riparian areas, and; assess the possible impact that the infrastructure and associated activities could have on the watercourse. Mitigation and general rehabilitation measures appropriate to the proposed activities were also provided.

Project: Firgrove substation (Mitigation report focusing on wetlands, but also including fauna and flora)


Description: To conduct a site survey of the proposed Firgrove MTS Substation and Palmiet Stikland Loop (in particular site Alternative A) in order to indicate wetland boundaries and their  associated buffer zones relative to site Alternative A; indicate possible impacts that the proposed activity could have on the wetland(s), floral and faunal components of the biophysical environment; and recommend mitigation measures in order to limit the impact of the proposed development.

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